Henna Tinting

Brow tinting has become more natural and organic these days with artificial chemical dyes giving way to natural henna based dye products. Those of you familiar with Asian traditions will immediately recollect and associate henna with temporary tattoos and floral designs and patterns found on arms, hand and feet of females, but it has elevated to reach the eyebrows and an excellent alternative for those who are hesitant to try out traditional brow tinting techniques.

About Henna

Henna, which is also pronounced as Hinna is a name of Arabic origin and has its roots to more than 5000 year old traditions across various countries including India, where it is better known as mehandi. People have been using it for body decoration as well as to get cooling effect for centuries.

Henna on Hair

These days it is being increasing adopted by the western hemisphere mainly because of its excellent natural properties to colour hair without the harmful chemicals like ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, not only for dyeing hair but also for tinting eyebrows.

The effects of henna on your brows hair will last for nearly 4 weeks, and it also stains your skin underneath which stays up-to a week depending on various factors like your skin type, and the after care of your brows once the procedure is complete.

The Process

Henna comes in the forms of leaves which are processed and a paste is prepared which is applied skillfully on your brows and it is left to dry for about twenty minutes and is washed off after that. This causes the natural components in the henna paste to leave their tinted effect on your brows. For better results we recommended slightly longer wait before washing but if you are in a hurry, 15-20 minutes gives you a good tint on the skin.

The various benefits our clients stand to gain from Henna are as follows

·       No harmful or toxic substances such as ammonia, lead or hydrogen peroxide

·       It has the effect of a tattoo without the side effects and pain of the conventional tattoo method

·       It can last for nearly a month on your hair

·       Best technique for people who have sensitive skin or reluctant to apply chemicals to their body

·       Short procedure time ranging from 15-20 minutes