Microblading is a technique that creates hair like strokes. Brows look fuller and perfectly shaped. It can last you for a year. Imagine being able to wake up every morning with natural and perfect looking eyebrows without having to fill them in daily.

Combo Brows are a combination of microblading and shading. where hair strokes are combined with machine shading to give more full look.Combo brows last longer than just microblading.

Ombre Powder Brows is shading only. No hair strokes are placed, This does not look like old traditional brows tattoos! It’s soft, pretty and looks like a powdery makeup look. Best for sensitive or mature skin and last the longest!

Lip blush enhances the beauty of the natural lip colour, improving the shape of the lips, giving definition and the illusion of fullness. Lip Blush can last 2-3 years!

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